Southern Culture on the Skids

With the Paybacks and the Capitol Years. Friday, April 16, at the Beachland Ballroom.

Kill Bill Vol. 2
Dang. A body sure can get powerful hungry listenin' to Southern Culture on the Skids on the phonograph. Sometimes it seems like every song is about corn liquor, fried chicken, cooked possum, tuna fish, biscuits, chitlins, or banana pudding; it's like having someone sing you the menu at Cracker Barrel. When Rick, Mary, and Dave from SCOTS aren't paying playful homage to regional cuisine, they're tackling lofty subjects like El Caminos, cheap motels, shotguns, and people who wrestle with bears in bars. Thankfully, the Skids are bona fide Southerners and can poke the kind of fun that might get some Yankees strung up by their genitals. The group eschews '70s-style Southern rock in favor of rockabilly, swamp boogie, gritty blues, and surf. As testament to the group's trailer-park credentials, its music has appeared on the soundtrack of Beavis and Butthead Do America. Its contribution is the fittingly titled "White Trash."
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