Taking Back Sunday Delivers High-energy Set at Sold Out Show

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Amber Patrick
In a high-energy show that seemed to almost be too big for the venue, Taking Back Sunday delivered in a big way last night at a sold out show at House of Blues. It felt like a big time rock show was being confined into a small auditorium. Fans were crammed shoulder to shoulder in the venue, and the number of people inside became even more evident as Taking Back Sunday started to perform. You can see a slideshow from the concert here

As Taking Back Sunday played “Liar (It Takes One to Know One),” the immense crowd made itself known. The crowd shouted “liar” back to lead singer Adam Lazzara and backing vocalist John Nolan, and the show was only got louder and louder from here on out.

Before the band would go on to play “A Decade Under the Influence,” Lazzara paused to announce something special was about to happen. Then, Lazzara said he would be getting help on this song from a special guest and welcomed Gaslight Anthem singer Brian Fallon. Even if you're not familiar with Gaslight Anthem or their music, it was amazing to see the two duet on one of Taking Back Sunday's best known songs. This was one of those random guest spots that only happened as tour dates aligned in Cleveland and was a treat to everyone in the crowd. Who knows if they will ever share a stage again, but seeing the two was one of the many moments members of the crowd will be talking about for years to come.

When Taking Back Sunday started performing “You're So Last Summer,” the crowd sounded louder than it had been the entire night. Really, it's hard to believe the crowd could have gotten any louder, but the last two songs of the night would discredit any disbeliever. Aside from just the loudness of the crowd, watching Lazzara perform is truly fun. He loves it, and it's easy to see it. If there was ever a professional mic tosser, Lazzara is a shoe-in. He twirls it around the air, his body, throws it in the air and never fails to catch it. It's become a signature of his performance and it's a fun signature to watch.

The last two songs of the night came up as Taking Back Sunday started playing “Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team).” The crowd during the song was deafening; it was actually difficult to hear Lazzara over the audience at some points of the song. Towards the end of the song the band stopped playing and the crowd briefly took over, and did they take over. Band members stood on stage with grins on their faces as the crowd sang. Lazzara stood with mic in hand and a gigantic smile across his face; it was yet another time you could see how much he truly loves doing what he does.

The band ended with “MakeDamnSure,” and it was the perfect ending note. Everything that was great about the performance of the night was compiled into one song. The crowd was explosive, and the band sounded just as amazing as it had all night. There would have been no better way to end such an amazing and electric performance.

Prior to Taking Back Sunday, letlive. warmed up the packed venue. The energy that singer Jason Butler brings to a show is incomparable. TBefore playing “Renegade '86,” Butler told patrons if they knew the song to come and sing it, and then proceeded to put the mic down and go into the crowd. Then, during “27 Club,” their final song, Butler disappeared off stage only to reappear on top of the balcony of the venue. His wired mic draped over the crowd as he walked back and forth on the edge of the balcony singing. It's things like this that separate letlive. from any band out there right now. They set out to make every time they're on stage a memorable experience. 
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