With Unearth, the Black Dahlia Murder, Remembering Never, and Hatecore Inc. Thursday, September 30, at Peabody's.

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Bright Young Things
Old-school hardcore made a big deal about "rising above." So does the new school -- only with way-heartier bitching about it. On last year's well-received Lowest of the Low, Terror frontman Scott Vogel made it clear: The things that most piss him off -- and many things piss this guy off -- are parasites, fake friends, and those who would get in the way of his DIY agenda (publicists excluded).

Granted, Terror is far closer to being an old-school crossover band than most others who make the claim. The new One With the Underdogs is essentially B-squad vintage thrash metal, with two guitarists playing rhythm and no leads (presumably, it's more egalitarian that way). Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta tops the bill among a string of guest vocalists; Vogel borrows Jasta's recurring "You spat in my face, so I'm pissed, and I will overcome" imagery in "Spit My Rage" (among others), which brings up an interesting contradiction in the us-against-the-world mentality that's always been central to hardcore: The only people in a position to actually spit in a singer's face are ticketholders who don't like his band. Maybe instead of lashing out at the Man, Vogel should focus on the droves who are buying all those Unearth and Black Dahlia Murder albums.

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