The Shuteye Train

Rock and Roll With the Shuteye Train (Lightning Rock Records)

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The Battlefield Band Nighttown, 12387 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights 8 p.m. Monday, March 21, 216-795-0550
Rip-snortin' drunk on gin, the Shuteye Train is on a midnight ride from today's mistakes to tomorrow's misadventures, and it makes for some pretty good songs. The Kent trio comprises clean-cut rockabilly guys -- on the album's cover, singer-guitarist Clint Covey brandishes a cigarette, jeans cuffed, with no visible tattoos. Lefty guitarist Vince Menti plays a Guild six-string as big as he is, ripping down the fretboard like Brian Setzer.

Like a friendly stranger eager to share a drink in a seedy bar, Covey croons stories of loused-up love. Throughout the group's debut, sometimes he's heartbroken, and sometimes he doesn't give a damn. "Burn Me Off Your Mind" is a smug kiss-off: "I'm right/You're wrong/Too bad/So long." In Shuteye's twangy rendition of the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop," Covey becomes the first guy to sing "shoot him in the back now" like a cowboy. Watch him ride.

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