19 Action News Guy is One of Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year Finalists (Updated)


Update: Ladies and gentleman of Cleveland, you may not be a beauty but there is one in our midst. For the second year in a row Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year is a Clevelander — Chris Van Vliet, the entertainment correspondent for 19 Action News and proud owner of 37-pack abs took home first prize last night in New York. For his troubles, Van Vliet got a big check which goes to charity, the notoriety that comes with Cosmo exposure, and Carl Monday let him pet his mustache. After a brief celebration, he will return to standing in front of a camera delivering entertainment news you read online four days ago.


Last year's Cosmo Bachelor of the Year, Mickey McLean, came from right here on the shores of the Cuyahoga. The hottest single man in America right here in Cleveland, well fed on a diet of pierogies, muscles toned lifting steel and stuff, and rugged appearance nurtured by waters of the lake.

While it feels like just yesterday McLean was handed his crown, it's actually been long enough that Cosmo has entered the initial phases of this year's Bachelor of the Year contest. The finalists are up at the mag's site and Cleveland is well-represented again with Ohio's finest coming from the hallowed journalist halls of 19 Action News in the visage of Chris Van Vliet, entertainment reporter.

You know him. He does The Buzz, or whatever the segment is called, where his slick hair smiles on his head while he asks celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker pressing questions like, "Do you like french toast? or "Smiling: fun or the funnest?"

Cosmo helps you get to know Van Vliet and his chest with a short little Q & A. Our favorite of their questions and Chris' responses excerpted after the jump. (Spoiler: he doesn't want you to wear underwear.)

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