19 Action News Mailed a Dead Mouse to the Station's Landlord

The K&D Group might be one of the more well known developers around Northeast Ohio, with pricey and prominent addresses in all the right spots, but it also doesn't have, um, the best of reputations in town. 

Our fine friends over at WOIO Channel 19 would probably agree about the Reserve Square Building, where the Honest, Fair and Everywhere headquarters, owned by K&D, are located. Among the problems with the landlord, according to the one and only non-basement dwelling Michael McIntyre at Cleveland.com... "Staffers at the station say the complaints range from bugs to mice to a deteriorating parking garage that deposits chunks of concrete onto the parking surface below."

After, we assume, making it known to K&D through traditional means of communication and getting no results, newly minted 19 Action News general manager Dominic Mancuso decided on a more direct, applaudable and unconventional approach to airing the station's complaints: He mailed a dead mouse to K&D.

What else would you expect from a station so honest? What else would you expect from the dynamite squad of local TV news reporters who don't put up with bullshit for a living? They want results, not memos and promises.

The poor secretary for K&D CEO Doug Price got the pleasure of opening the surprise package, unfortunately. Had Mancuso known that, he might have delivered the package himself to Price's doorstep.

Price, though, said he is working directly with Mancuso – despite the mouse caper – to rectify problems, including a $2 million upgrade to the parking garage, exterminating and other issues.

Channel 19 is under lease until 2020, he said.

"This is a new GM and since he's been there, he has not been the easiest guy to get along with," said Price. He said he believed Mancuso has "wanted to move to a new freestanding building" and was hoping to get out of his lease.

"We don't want to lose them. They're a great tenant," said Price.

If that's what K&D thinks is a great tenant, we'd hate to see the really angry ones.

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