28,613 Dead Fish in the Rocky River (Updated)


Update III: What killed 28,613 fish in the Rocky River awhile back? Investigators finally know: it was cyanide.

No, some Russian mob syndicate didn't have a vendetta against thousands of rainbow trout and small-mouth bass. That would be ridiculous, but cool.

No, this was the careless and lazy work of a couple of septuagenarians: 79-year-old Renato Montorsi and his 74-year-old wife Teresina. They own a metal business on Pearl Rd. They use cyanide at said business. They had a 55-gallon drum that should have been disposed of properly at a waste-processing facility. Instead, the Montorsis poured the cyanide down a storm sewer, which led the cyanide into the Rocky River, which led to a whole stinkin' lot of dead fish. Investigators used an anonymous source, some tips, and good old-fashioned know-how to track down the pair, who are now charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Renato is also facing charges of violating the Clean Water Act, along with being a lazy, boneheaded idiot. (Cleveland.com)

Update II:: No resolution yet to the cause of the mass fish kill in the Rocky River a few months ago, but Ohio and the EPA are still investigating. The latest non-update update:

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