After Being Caught Shoplifting, Man Named Russo Claims He's the Son of a Judge


If you happen to share a last name with but are not related to any of the impossibly Irish folks in powerful positions around town, that doesn't mean you can throw around their names when you get in trouble hoping that some sucker will think that you are really the son of Judge Russo.

Maybe it's worth a shot if you're in a real pickle, but just know that the chances of success are low. You just have to hope your mark is a dull rock in the mental department. If not, your failed swindle will probably end up the subject of public mockery.

19 Action News reports that a gentleman named Joseph Russo tried just such a boondoggle after he was caught trying to steal a DVD from Marc's. He shall be rewarded with said mockery.

Russo, who had a kid with him, was trying to leave all clandestine-like from the bargain store without paying for the DVD. That didn't work as well as he hoped. A manager stopped him.

Russo told the manager he needed to take the child to the bathroom. When he came out, employees found the DVD, battery and charger in the toilet tank.

Russo was arrested and charged with theft, possessing criminal tools and child endangering.

Russo then stated his father was a judge in Cuyahoga County and threatened to sue Marc's and workers at the store.

Oh, and he's the nephew of McGinty, the godson of McDonnell, and the Eskimo brother of an O'Malley. Marc's has no idea what it's in store for.

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