Afternoon Brew: Flash Mobs are Back, Craigslist Killer's Mom Gets Screen Time, Mom Steals To Pay for Son's Wedding, and Corrupt, Kickback-Lovin' Political Godfather Dimora Doesn't Like it When You Say That About Him

Excuse me, Im here for the Flash Mob. Ah, yes. Thank you.
  • "Excuse me, I'm here for the Flash Mob. Ah, yes. Thank you."

Good afternoon, enjoy these links while you burn a hole in your cubicle wall daydreaming about stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and sleeping in and college football and parades and Christmas Ale and family Monopoly and Uncle Antonio's off-color jokes and fistfights over the last turkey leg and and and . . .

— Just when we thought the freezing temperatures would finally squash the summer's favorite media-meme-cum-public-panic, the news out of Cleveland Heights is that teens continues to congregate in unruly mobs organized via social media, ie the end of civilization as we know it. Now young kids are getting together at Severance Town Center and the city is thinking about putting that block under a curfew. (Cleveland Heights Patch)

— The strangest story circulating the wires is about the two individuals who allegedly lured potential victims to Ohio through Craiglists. One of the accused is a 16-year-old high school student from Stow. The young man's mother has been making the media rounds, giving interviews to a couple local stations. (News 5)

— Jimmy Dimora's lawyers are trying to keep phrases like “political godfather,” “corruption,” and “kickback” out of his criminal trial. We know, we laughed too. (WKYC)

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