Akron's Gun-Toting Council President Pleads Idiocy ... and Gets Off!

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Last month, we reported that Akron City Council president Marco Sommerville "accidentally" carried a loaded .38-caliber through security at Akron-Canton Airport. Seems he didn't notice all those big ass signs saying "No Guns Allowed." A few days later, Sommerville was charged with a felony. If convicted, his 20-year tenure on City Council would have come to a rather unglorified end. However, fate -- and a dubious legal system -- intervened this week, when Sommerville pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge, after prosecutors offered him a deal. He was slapped with a $500 fine and his gun was confiscated. Sommerville claimed he carried the weapon for protection against the thugs who run his ward. Residents are hoping that, without his trusty firearm, the councilman might actually clean up the neighborhood, instead of just threatening to shoot everyone who looks suspicious. While Sommerville's conviction may stink of favoritism, FBI spokesman Scott Wilson told Scene in November that a misdemeanor conviction wouldn't be unusual in this case. Wilson said that in the two previous cases of people carrying guns into the Akron-Canton Airport, both men copped to misdemeanors and simply paid fines. "Intent is an important part," Wilson says. "It's only a felony if the person intended to bring the weapon into a secure area." Which brings us to the morals of this story: 1. Stupidity is an actual alibi. 2. You're better off carrying a gun into an airport than driving there drunk. God bless America, right? -- Denise Grollmus
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