Another Amish Beard Attack Happened

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What the hell is going on?
  • "What the hell is going on?"

You remember the Amish beard attack story from last month, right? Of course you do. Everyone in the world was fascinated with the Mullet family and their follicle clipping antics against other Amish folks in Ohio that had shunned them. The breakaway group chopped beards and hair in a fit of religious justice, and then they were arrested. Fun times.

19 Action News
says word out of Jefferson County is there's been another attack.

This time an Amish man in Bergholz, the same locale as the five members of the "Bergholz clan" who were behind the previous incidents, got his parents to come down from Michigan. When they arrived, he held down pops and cut off his beard.

The parents are refusing to press charges, so there's nothing the Jefferson County Sheriff can do at this point.

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