Blues on the Loose

Letters published March 17, 2004

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Blues on the Loose
Copping an attitude starts at the top: Wow! Read Aina Hunter's article ["Blue Mob," February 25], and I am floored by how detailed and poignant it was. I am a retired suburban police officer of 25 years and am now an attorney. I'm still surprised by the level of trickery and deceit there is within law enforcement. I had always heard about Warren, but one can never truly grasp how horrible the situation is without experiencing it. Hunter's article brings it home.

I once watched a Tom Snyder interview in which he asked Alfred Hitchcock what his greatest fear was. His answer was the police. I applaud the attorneys who work to bring some justice to the victims in these cases. But I blame the police administration more than the cops on the beat. They just conform to the culture that is in place. There are great police departments that do not condone people's rights being violated, but once you turn your back to it, the snake grows.

A.J. Stempuzis

Some blue language for the blue mob: Just finished Part II of Aina Hunter's "Blue Mob" story. Nice job. Hunter exposed those fuck-faced assholes for what they are! I will do everything in my power to steer clear of Warren. God help those poor people. To the Warren Police Department: Fuck you!

M. Blase

Bleeding-heart liberals must be wrong: I hope Aina Hunter doesn't have a college degree, because if she does, they apparently don't teach ethics in journalism. As a former assistant prosecutor in Jefferson County and a current assistant prosecutor in Trumbull County, I can tell you that less than 50 percent of Hunter's story is truthful. Does Hunter know what the law is, regarding the use of force by police? I will agree that both the Steubenville and Warren police departments have problems, but to paint these situations in the bleeding-heart-liberal manner in which she did is not only offensive, but irresponsible. I will say one thing: I hope Richard Olivito is paying Hunter well for being his public-relations writer.

Chris Becker

Whoop, whoop: Jesus Christ! I could have sworn I was reading a script for The Shield or some lyrics by rapper KRS-One -- "Whoop, whoop!" That's the sound of the police. That's the sound of the beast!

These cops in Warren are total scum! They brutally beat people and rape and pillage like damn Vikings! Then you have some white people saying, "Well, we have to support the police." Support them for what? As they beat the hell out of another black man! It seems that kicking the shit out of black people is all right. Then comes some lawyer who wants to take up the plight of these people, and suddenly he's a traitor! Haven't these idiots learned anything after the Rodney King beatings?

It's so funny: Most of these cops were punk-ass kids or bitch-ass nerds in high school, but once they got those badges and guns, they turned into the Master Race.

Johnny Irvin

Get some help: My God! How do you folks in Warren live under this? It seems these cops should have convict numbers, not badge numbers. Why doesn't a community like this seek assistance from the attorney general and the state patrol to shut down this kind of uncivil justice? At least in Cleveland, we have good people serving our citizens.

Rob Frederick

Sushi Truth
The food maven scores again:
Elaine Cicora had an accurate critique of the Aoeshi Sushi Bar ["Wait/Gain," February 25]. The food is excellent, but the service is terrible. That is what I tell everyone about the place. I am in total agreement that he needs some help at the restaurant.

Cicora does an excellent job of keeping her eye on the local restaurant and bar scene. She is honest in her reviews, and that is why I love reading her column each week.

Anthony P. Prusak

Judgment Call
Sex or torture -- you decide:
In response to "Suffer Unto Mel," February 25: Let me see if I get this straight. I'm supposed to embrace a film such as Martin Scorsese's, which depicts Jesus as sleeping around with whores, yet I'm supposed to be repulsed by Mel Gibson's dead-on portrayal of the last 12 hours of Jesus's life?

David Ptacek

Divided We Fall
Leave no stone unflung:
Regarding "Bob Taft's Hidden Desires" [February 11]. Faggots and lesbos aren't full human beings, and they deserve none of the same rights as normal people. Strong measures should be taken to prevent the insidious spread of their diseased way of thinking. Take your concealed weapon and shoot yourself a few fairies. God's grace will shine upon you; George W. will make you the next attorney general.

But why stop there? Why not just eliminate everyone different from you, like all the niggers, chinks, towel-heads, Wiccan nature-worshippers, retards, vegans, tree-huggers, Jews, and uppity women? Your earnest efforts will certainly solve this silly marriage issue. Why? It's simple: There won't be anyone left.

Kelly A. Smiciklas

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