Brian Windhorst Talks About Covering LeBron/Cavs


PD Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst has been immersed in all things LeBron for just about as long as he's been a reporter. As the seconds tick off until LeBron's free agency decision, Brian's sure to be in the middle of it — sorting through rumors, breaking news, and providing his readers with what he does best: a reasoned and informed breakdown of the team and the King.

Market Watch talked with Brian about the difficulties of covering the team, which, because of LeBron, has turned into quite a mess. A stressful, stressful messy mess.

Here's quick excerpt:

The story has been stressful because everyone wants to know the news and yet there is precious little hard news and lots of speculation. Plus, in the age of blogs and 24/7 news cycles, the pace never lets up.

"It has been going on so long that I can't see the side, the front or the back," he said. "You feel like you're within the story. It has been the same since the (NBA) season started. One giant story."

Windhorst puts his task in perspective. "A lot of times, I've equated covering the Cavs to piloting a 747 because there are a lot of things to keep track of," he told me on Monday when we spoke by phone.

The media's gossipy, short-term coverage of James irritates Windhorst.

"People will make assumptions without asking LeBron questions," he said. "You have to be looking in the distance. A lot of the stuff that's being written is looking way too tightly about today or tomorrow. Reporters are so narrowly focused. My job is to bring perspective. As stories emerge, people tend to overreact."

And at the end, Brian says, "If LeBron leaves to go to New York or Chicago, I'll be covering the Cavs."

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