Cameron Esposito: Person of Consequence Comes to Grog Shop Oct. 2

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It's difficult to imagine how Cameron Esposito could follow "Rape Jokes," a standup special about sexual assault from her perspective as a survivor that has raised nearly $100,000 for RAINN, but much like chopping off her iconic side mullet, Esposito understands the importance to keep moving forward.

After a stint in London, Esposito begins the American leg of her tour, "Person of Consequence," coming to the Grog Shop on Oct. 2.

Given the recent passing of the Cuyahoga County LGBTQ+ protection ordinance on Tuesday, and Esposito's reputation as an activist for the community, she couldn't have picked a more perfect time to come to town.

"I'm excited to be back in Cleveland," she tells Scene, "I played the Grog Shop before a few years ago so I know it’s a cool venue, and I'm excited to meet all of these folx who are so jazzed about these changes."

Esposito is going through some serious changes in her own personal life, and these experiences are at the core of her new comedy set. "It’s very different from what I did with 'Rape Jokes' because there was a lot of distance there," she says. "Of course talking about assault, those feelings can come back, but the difference is now I'm actively living something and talking about it on stage, and I haven’t done that in a long time."

Despite the massive and devastating life changes, Esposito has persevered, and didn't cancel her tour or any appearances. "I tend to think of comedy less like I’m some heroic artist living a different life than most people, but that the things I deal with are things that most people deal with," says Esposito. "Sometimes you feel like shit and you still have to go to work."

Being a stand-up comedian may be a job, but she recognizes that it is anything but usual. "The number of people that go to work and have people thank them on a daily basis with tears and presents and saying 'your work matters' is something so few people experience, and I’m very grateful for it."

As a member of a marginalized community, Esposito also recognizes that the struggles she deals with at work are struggles that many members of the LGBTQ+ community deal with every single day. Her podcast recognizes queer heroes, aka "queeroes," for short, and Esposito absolutely embodies the expression. "I didn’t see a voice that I felt was similar to mine out there, so I felt the need to fill that space, she says. "It does not ever get old that folx respond to that."

Her commitment to unapologetically queer representation has been admirable, and The Guardian has even called her "a new kind of comedy hero." Anyone who has seen Esposito's work understands that she's not here to be a symbol of a movement, but to bring some basic civility to this world. She's the type of comic who will openly ask about pronouns and recognize that "men and women" encompass more than just a binary, while many of her white male contemporaries would cry "censorship" if even suggested to do the same.

Esposito admits that there's a tinge of sadness in this new set, given everything going on in her personal life, and performing this show is a brand new experience for her as a comic. When asked how she deals with it all she says with the utmost honesty, "I don’t know. I talk to my friends, I go to therapy, but in the moment, I’m just grateful."

As the host of the extremely popular podcast, Queery, Esposito has amassed an extremely impassioned fanbase. Given the fact she's performing two shows combined into one super-show in Cleveland, it's safe to assume we're a city planning to welcome her with open arms.

"I know that my audience is really down with following me a lot of places," she says. "I trust you. I trust my audience. So let's see if I fuck this up."

Tickets are still available for Cameron Esposito: Person of Consequence on Oct. 2 at the Grog Shop, but they're going fast. For more information and ticket purchasing, click here.

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