Carlos Santana Celebrates 29th Birthday at MOCA

click to enlarge Carlos Santana Celebrates 29th Birthday at MOCA
Carlos Santana's birthday arrived last week, heralded by yet another now-traditional home run. He and the Tribe were on the road in Houston, so he held off on celebrating in style until the team got home and got through that tough Tigers run.

Hennessy hosted and sponsored a birthday party for the first-baseman at MOCA on Monday night. Scene stopped by to wish the man a happy birthday, mingle a bit, and grab a few spare moments to talk baseball.

(Check out a slideshow of photos from the party.)

On his birthday homer:

I think about it, like, I try to play a good game and help my team win. It's exciting, and I try to do it every year. 

On playing first base:

I mean, I don't have a different approach, because I've played it before. In the offseason, I was working hard. And I know how to play first base. I feel so comfortable right now, and I need to keep it up. I like it because I always have to move and protect my position. I'm keeping with the game and keeping moving. I have to keep concentrating. 

On his teammates:

This year, we have a couple new players, like Brandon Moss and Gavin Floyd — he got hurt now but he comes to the stadium and shows support for the team. Everybody knows who everyone is, and there's more energy and more playing together. We feel great. We have energy, and we'll see what happens this year.

On Tito:

I like Tito. This is my second year with Tito. He's a great guy. He comes to the field everyday happy. I know Sandy [Alomar Jr.] for a long time. I think that we have a good staff. I feel so comfortable, and everybody has respect. 

On fans: 

I'll hang a lot with the fans. It's early in the season. No worries. 

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