Cedar Point Jacks Up Gate Ticket Price to $72 for Adults

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click to enlarge Cedar Point Jacks Up Gate Ticket Price to $72 for Adults
Photo via Cedar Point Facebook
When Cedar Point opens for its new season May 5, the cost of admission will be $5 more than last year. The new walk-up price of $72 per adult ticket is still less than entry to places like Disneyland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but a family of four could now need to fork out nearly $300 for a day of fun in Sandusky.

It should also be noted that these prices are on top of paying to park in a Cedar Point parking lot or stay at a nearby resort/hotel.

Thankfully, the park offers lower prices online and does offer seasonal deals frequently. Currently, its website features a pre-season deal offering $45 kid-priced tickets for all.

Potentially contributing to the upping of the ticket cost is the park's newest attraction, Steel Vengeance, which is an updated hybrid version of the Mean Streak.

As we previously reported, the new ride includes a 205-foot first drop and tops out at 74 miles per hour. The coaster is set to break an astounding 15 combined world, hybrid and park records.

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