Cedar Point's New Coaster, Steel Vengeance, Was Shut Down on its First Freaking Day

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click to enlarge Cedar Point's New Coaster, Steel Vengeance, Was Shut Down on its First Freaking Day
Photo by Zach Zelman
Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point's brand-new hybrid coaster — what Scene's roller coaster correspondent called "clearly the best ride in the park" — shut down on Saturday, the amusement park's opening day, after a minor collision.

Four park attendees were examined by medical staff but returned to the park, according to a press release. The ride was shut down for investigation for the remainder of the day, but re-opened Sunday.

The early mishap is a PR headache for Cedar Point, notwithstanding Steel Vengeance's early rave reviews. The new coaster stands 205 feet and holds 10 world records, including tallest, fastest and longest hybrid coaster, steepest drop on a hybrid coaster, most inversions on a hybrid roller coaster, and the roller coaster with the most airtime (the feeling of weightlessness over large hills) in the world.

Scene's coaster correspondent, Zach Zelman, said the ride's "wildness" is what put it over the top.

"I was almost constantly thrown out of my seat as the ride whipped from side to side over banks, hills and inversions," Zelman wrote. "Some roller coasters compromise their smoothness in order to complete maneuvers like these. However, Steel Vengeance is perhaps the smoothest ride in the park, thanks to its steel track mounted on top of a wooden structure... How Cedar Point was able to transform the infamous Mean Streak into something so perfectly executed is utterly outrageous."

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