Chief of Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Criminal Division Fired for Allegedly Stealing Money


Here is something Northeast Ohio might not be familiar with: our Cuyahoga County government rooting out an instance of fraud by themselves and announcing it. Usually, in the era of tiki huts and ice machines for all and yeah I'll have another steak just call up this guy and he'll pay for it, the PD or Scene would do some muck-raking and turn up some public employee crud under a rock, and then it'd either be brushed aside or completely ignored while a great chuckle emerged from the halls of government.

The PD reports that the Cuyahoga County inspector general, Nailah Byrd, a new position in the FitzGerald era tasked with the goal of digging up fraud, discovered that Mark Lime, the chief of the criminal division of the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts, was allegedly stealing stealing cash bond forfeiture payments. Lime, who was with the clerks office since 1977, was placed on leave in August and fired this week.

He was also under investigation by Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office in an unrelated matter, which is just shocking.

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Vince Grzegorek has been with Scene since 2007 and editor-in-chief since 2012. He previously worked at Discount Drug Mart and Texas Roadhouse.
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