Cleveland Clinic may break up with Case, hook up with Columbia instead*

Toby Cosgrove believes in Cleveland. Unless, of course, he can score a better deal elsewhere.
*UPDATED Apparently Toby Cosgrove and the Cleveland Clinic's belief in Cleveland only goes so far. In this morning's Plain Dealer, Regina McEnery reports that the Clinic is on the verge of ditching its affiliation with Case to instead hook-up with Columbia University's med school. The Clinic, of course, declined to comment -- with so many doctors around, you'd think they could cure their ongoing bout with Won't-say-shit-itis -- but the PD says Columbia officials will be here soon, possibly to announce the new relationship. The move would be a blow to Case, which has taken its share of hits of late. The school's only hope, it seems, is that Columbia's fancy New York professors get one look at Cleveland and realize that if they do this deal, they may have occasionally come back to fly-over country, which can't be good for one's social standing in the Hamptons. You spent the week where, Doctor? My God! I hope you've showered! -- Joe P. Tone *Update: The Clinic issued a press release today commenting on the PD's story. Sort of. The hospital's relationship with Case, the release notes, "has not changed and we continue to work collaboratively with the University. Recently, Case announced a new, 50-year, primary affiliation with University Hospitals of Cleveland that strengthened the relationship between those two organizations. At this time, it is unclear how that relationship may impact the Clinic in the future. The Clinic has a number of relationships with colleges and universities across the country and will continue to explore other opportunities as they arise." And that Columbia rumor? "We cannot comment on specific discussions with other universities."
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