Davone Bess Had An Incident in Cleveland Back in December

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Davone Bess' personal struggles have been very public lately. There was the Instagram post of him, presumably, smoking weed. There was the Browns excusing him from practice and eventually excusing him from the final two regular season games back in December. There was his continually bizarre Instagram feed after leaving the team. There was the arrest in Florida yesterday, which had its own set of bizarre circumstances. And then there's the report from the Miami Herald that Bess was restrained and hospitalized 10 months ago against his will.

We received an account from an anonymous source citing similar behavior from Bess back in December — back almost to the exact day that he was excused from Browns practice. By all accounts, and this one in particular, Davone Bess needs some help.

I took the stairs this morning down to my car to get something, and on my way up, I saw this African American guy without his shirt standing on the first floor. A shirt, coat and some magazines were on the steps going upstairs and I asked him if those were his. He turned to me with an angry look and just stared at me. I decided to keep moving and went upstairs to my office.

I found out that my partner had tried to go down the stairs and this guy was blocking his way. He asked him what he was doing, got no response, and when he saw the guy had a belt in his hand he started back up. He then heard the guy give a blood curdling scream.

We called 911, but by the time the police came, he was gone. We found out later that a woman had taken him out of the building and driven away. We then found out that it was Davone Bess visiting his psychologist in the building.

Keep this in mind as we discuss Bess' situation going forward, please.

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