Don King On Killing a Man: "Those are the things that happen."


Yahoo! has a pretty intense piece on Cleveland's own Don King up today that runs through the unmatched and unyielding craziness that has ruled King's life from the time he ran numbers in Cleveland, to when he killed a man in a fight, to his continued frenetic pace today.

That middle part, the whole killing a guy thing, is discussed in this snippet, but you should read the whole thing for yourself.

King held off the wise guys and his power grew. He was both beloved and feared. Then came 1966 when an employee, Sam Garrett, “ran off with (some) money,” according to King.

King hunted Garrett down at a local bar, dragged him outside and proceeded to engage in what police charged was a hellacious battle. Garrett wound up dead, his head smashed against the sidewalk.

“We were fighting,” King said Tuesday. “(It was) what I call the frustrations of the ghetto expressing themselves. And when you’re fighting in the ghetto, as you can see nowadays, and it was even worse then, you don’t (back down). So you go out there, you’re kicking and fighting and you have a tragic occurrence.

“His head hit the ground. Those are the things that happen.”

King wound up having his charge reduced to manslaughter (a sweetheart deal) and was shipped to the Marion Correctional Institute for just four years.

For King, it was enough. He was done with running numbers.

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