Feeding The Machine

A Quick Look At Who Gives To, And Who Benefits From, Bill Mason's Campaign Treasury


¥ Frank Mahnic: Convicted in 1996 for giving false information to a grand jury. Contributions: $10,150.

¥ Carole Hoover: Ran a minority-owned company involved in an airport expansion project that never paid county taxes during Mike White's administration. Contributions: $9,500.

¥ Sam Miller: Forest City executive whose subsidiary, Sunrise Developments, bought contaminated land and sold it to the county for a profit of about $2 million. Contributions: $7,500.

¥ John and Ferris Kleem: Owners of Blaze Construction, whose office was raided by the FBI in July. $3,250.

¥ Russell Masetta: Founder of Nature Stone flooring. According to news reports, Masetta married the daughter of the Los Angeles mafia's boss and took a job there, working for the Teamsters. He was arrested in 1988 after accepting a bribe from an FBI agent (he was charged with a felony but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and spent four months behind bars). His local business was named in an FBI search warrant during the recent county raids, apparently because Nature Stone did work on the palatial homes of Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo. It's not clear whether Nature Stone was visited by agents. Contributions: $7,500.

¥ John Allega: Owner of Allega Cement Contractors, a company that was suspended from doing business with Cleveland in 2007 after an investigation found that Allega was using minority front companies to win a contract at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Contributions: $3,850.

¥ William Schatz: Attorney who worked part-time for the sewer district at a salary of $160,000 while also representing companies that won sewer contracts. He resigned last year after a sewer-district board member started asking questions. Contributions: $4,300.

¥ Ricardo Teamor: A close ally to former mayor Mike White, he admitted to bribing former Councilman Joe Jones to get city contracts and served four months in prison. Contributions: $1,000.

¥ James Palladino: A felon (last convicted in 1972) and a target in a 1989 FBI investigation into drug smuggling (that did not lead to charges), he once ran the area's most lucrative garbage business before moving to Kelleys Island. Contributions: $1,000.

¥ Steve Pumper: CEO of D-A-S Construction. His home and business were raided by the FBI earlier this year. It appears he did about $50,000 worth of construction on Jimmy Dimora's house. Contributions: $1,350.

¥ Andrew Futey: Republican lobbyist who got probation for his role in laundering campaign contributions to state Treasurer Joe Deters for stock broker Frank Gruttadauria. Contributions: $2,000.

¥ William Consolo: A developer who gave Parma Mayor Dean DePiero free office space for his campaign and hired a company owned by DePiero's family as its leasing agent, while DePiero voted in favor of a $8.5 million office park built by Consolo's company. Contributions: $2,850.

¥ Jason Lucarelli: Runs the Minute Men day laborers business with his father, Sam, who pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in 1989 after the FBI uncovered his side business, a local gambling ring. Contributions: $9,500.

¥ Employees of Bill Mason have also donated $82,885 to his campaign.

Who Gets:

¥ Richard Cordray: $10,000

¥ Gov. Ted Strickland: $10,000

¥ The Ohio Democratic Party: $30,000

¥ Pat O'Malley, Mason's college roommate and convicted pervert: $15,000 loan to his campaign fund.

¥ Carol Mason, Bill Mason's wife: $2,825.75 for "computer input," "letter service" and "consulting."

¥ Ridgewood Golf Course, Parma's public golf course. When then-state Auditor Jim Petro's office audited the golf course in 1999, it found alarming signs of a money-laundering operation in the works; cash registers that were opened 4,000 times when there was no record of a transaction, 330 late bank deposits, and missing financial records and receipts. At the time the books were allegedly cooked, Jack Krise was Parma's treasurer, and Michael Mason, Bill's brother, was his deputy treasurer. Krise is now a fiscal affairs officer in Bill Mason's office. $50,505, plus $1,160 in "cash gratuities."

¥ Kelly Mason, Mason's daughter: $2,090 for "campaign work" and a "donation."

¥ Tom Regas, a Parma councilman who currently works in the county engineer's office and writes the checks for Mason's campaign fund: $8,050 for "consulting" and "catering."

¥ Thousands of dollars were spent on graduation gifts for the sons and daughters of employees and contributors, though no one made out as nicely as Tom Regas' daughters, who each got $250.

¥ Thousands more were spent on wedding presents for staffers and political allies, including Ryan Miday, Mason's spokesman, who got a $150 check on his big day.

¥ Mason's Mean Machine, pee-wee football league: $3,600 for "uniforms." Sources: Friends of Bill Mason campaign finance reports (2002-2008), The Plain Dealer, the Columbus Dispatch, Black Box Voting.org, Scene.

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