Former County Auditor Frank Russo Finally Heading to Prison

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Frank Russo Party-Til-You-Drop Tour 2012 is finally hobbling to a long-awaited finish. After months of rumors and reports about the former Cuyahoga auditor gunning around to Cleveland hot spots and living the high life, the don of county corruption is finally going to jail.

This morning Russo was called before a federal judge. The US Attorney's office announced they'd maxed-out their use for the disgraced pol, who threw his former buddies under the wheel of justice after falling to his own bribery charges.

After Russo pleaded guilty in 2010, he was allowed to hit-pause on his 21 year sentence in exchange for his testimony. Between courtroom appearances, he didn't really lay low, but dandied about town, dining in hip joints, hitting clubs, and ducking the growing ire of citizens pissed to see him free.

As Newsnet5 points out, a former Russo bud Samir Mohammad recently changed his plea from not guilty to guilty — a move that probably ended Russo's usefulness to the state and started the countdown on when he'd head to prison.

This morning the judge told Russo he must report to federal jail in December.

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