Gasp! Reporters Reveal More Swearing in Attorney General's Office

Ever since TV cameras in Youngstown caught Marc Dann telling a newspaper reporter to “go f*%k himself” last summer, the media has had a strange obsession with the Ohio Attorney General. It’s hard blame them. Considering most politicians speak as passionately as the guy who writes instruction manuals for Maytag – see the current roster of presidential candidates – someone who actually speaks like a human is rather unusual. Last month, Dayton Daily News reporter Laura Bischoff filed a public records request for every office e-mail sent by Dann since he took office. Youngstown Vindicator reporter David Skolnick followed up by requesting all of the emails on Dann’s Yahoo account. Unfortunately for the eager reporters, the attorney general seems to save his best cussing for in-person interviews. Other than one instance where Dann used the term “MF’er,” and another in which he compared the crucifixion of Christ to receiving bad press, the stories were about as salacious as grandma’s zucchini bread. The constant press was especially frustrating for Dann’s communications director, Leo Jennings. “I don’t get the point,” Jennings told Scene last month. “If Marc Dann gets frustrated and says Goddamnit, it shouldn’t be the focus of the media for four days.” Yet now Jennings himself is the target of the profanity police. The Dayton Daily News recently revealed an e-mail from Jennings to Steve Lamantia, the former head of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who had angered Jennings by going around him to another AG spokesperson with details of the death of a Summit County Jail inmate. “Steve, the fact that you thought you could go around me to Jennifer Brindisi shows what an absolute &*^%%&& incompetent insubordinate moron you really are. You’ve completely botched this. I know it, you know [it], and everyone else is going to know it, you coward. If you have something to say to me, call me and say it to me you *&^%$. Leo.” Jennings has since been reprimanded by Dann for the outburst. From now on, all profanity-laced meltdowns must be made in person. – Jared Klaus
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