Grown Men Don't Bring Mitts to Games


What was lost in the whole "was it a homer or was it fan interference" debate following yesterday's controversial Jorge Posada so-called dinger at the wind tunnel known as new Yankee Stadium was a discussion on the man on the right side of this picture.

The facts:

— He is a grown man. Probably in his mid to late-30's, maybe even early 40's.

— He is not with a child — the kid on the right looks like he's at least 18 and maybe even in his 20's.

— And he brought a glove to the game.

That scores about a 100 on the douche factor scale, especially considering that he didn't even catch the ball.

I don't know exactly what age is the cut-off for toting your glove to a baseball game, but this guy is clearly and delinquently past whatever age that is, by a good margin. Maybe it's the same age when you shouldn't be allowed to trick-or-treat for Halloween anymore. Regardless, even lacking a codified set of rules, it's easy to know when you're breaking them. They're unspoken but binding and timeless.

This guy is breaking the rule blatantly and embarrassingly.

A buddy of mine once left me a voicemail saying he sat on top of the Green Monster and I should watch Sportscenter that night because he caught a ball. Excitedly, I tuned into ESPN that night hoping to see him. I did not. That was because it was a batting practice home run, and what's worse, he used a mitt to catch it. That friend is in his late-20's and probably dove in front of some eager child to catch the ball.

He's a douche, and so is this guy.

On a separate note, how the umps reviewed this play on tape and decided that the guy on the left (who didn't bring a mitt to the game, so will escape my scorn) didn't have his arms over the fence and in the field of play when he touched the ball is absolutely beyond me.

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