Here's the Trailer for That Movie Shot in Cleveland Last Year ... No, the Other Movie

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Here's the first trailer for the upcoming movie Alex Cross, which was filmed in Cleveland last summer.

You might remember it because one of the stars, Matthew Fox, allegedly slugged a party bus driver in the Flats after a drunken night at a club nobody in Cleveland ever hangs out at.

In the movie, Fox plays a doctor with daddy issues whose plane goes down on some mysterious island. Before he knows it, he's seeing polar bears, bickering with some dude from a Gap commercial, and sparring for the souls of his fellow castaways with a guy named after a 17th century philosopher.

Or maybe that was something else Fox starred in.

We're not sure. And since Tyler Perry stars in the crime thriller, we will probably never be sure, since we have zero interest in seeing it.

The movie opens in October. Let us know if Cleveland looks any more fabulous than it did in The Avengers. —Michael Gallucci

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