Here's What One Million Dead Mosquitos Looks Like

If you ever wondered what a million dead mosquitoes looks like, now you know. - Twitter / Lee County Mosquito Control
Twitter / Lee County Mosquito Control
If you ever wondered what a million dead mosquitoes looks like, now you know.
Absolutely no one asked for it, but Florida's Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) wants everyone to know that they currently have 1 million mosquitos corpses on hand.

The pest-control agency recently shared photos showing the results from a two-year pest-control project in Lee County. One of the images was a literal bucket filled with dead mosquitos, and another showed a mound of the deceased bugs on a table.

"Ever wonder what 1 million mosquitoes look like?" the Twitter post said. "Check out the results of an LCMCD trapping project that took place in one section of one neighborhood on Sanibel Island over the summer of 2021. #FighttheBite"

The project may be skin-crawling, but as the agency says on its website, controlling mosquito populations is a vital part of public health.

"Lee County’s many acres of salt marsh and other wetlands are some of the most prolific mosquito breeding habitats on earth," said Executive Director David Hoel. "In order to provide a comfortable outdoor environment for Lee County citizens and reduce the threat of diseases posed by mosquitoes, the District continually monitors these habitats and endeavors to control mosquitoes in the aquatic immature stages before they become flying and biting adult mosquitoes."

Originally published by Scene's sister paper Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.
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