If White Were White

Letters published February 7, 2002

Monster's Ball
Fond remembrances of Mayor Mike:

Andrew Putz's article "Why Mike White Shouldn't Be Forgiven" [January 10] was very distasteful and biased. I live in Akron and would love to have a mayor like Mr. White here. He's done more for Cleveland than any other former mayor. White was a very tough-minded, straight-to-the-point guy who got things done. How many other politicians can we say that about?

You need to let go of whatever you have against White. If he were a white guy, he'd be compared to Lee Iacocca. Despite your negative criticism, Mike White will be remembered and revered for putting Cleveland on the map. Andrew, you need to stop being a hater and be a congratulator.

Brian McCalister

When crap gives way to calamity:

"Why Mike White Shouldn't Be Forgiven" was yet another example on how the extreme left-wing media have despised the many successes of Mayor White. He was a true leader for Cleveland, and this region was blessed to have him as mayor. He has had to put up with the sleaziest attacks ever known to mankind. Mike White had to ruffle a few feathers from time to time. He cared about everyone in Cleveland and didn't limit himself to catering to the extremist left-wing elite, who too often stifle free speech.

Clevelanders often fall into the alibi of pretending not to know why their financial disasters are happening. Their blind support for everyone from communist wannabe Dennis Kucinich to the new mayor (the Mary Poppinsish, Shaker Heights-living sensitivity Nazi who insists on shoving cooperation down our throats) has guaranteed that Clevelanders will continue to wallow in the sewer that it so deservedly voted itself into.

Mike White, you did your best not only for Cleveland, but for the entire area. We, the average people, will remember you with fondness and gratitude, even if the far-left media do not. Cleveland, if you ever do believe the utter crap put out by The Plain Dealer, Scene, or the Free Times, then you deserve the calamity about to hit you in the face. By then, you'll realize how blessed you were to have Mike White as a mayor. Just wait until Mayor Susie Sunshine gets Cleveland back into default. You'll wish for a "dictator."

Scott Dotson
Cuyahoga Falls

Putre nailed the feel of the potter's field:

After I read "The Forgetting Place" [January 10], it was very evident to me that Laura Putre has a striking command of the language and a marvelous capacity to make words convey images. I felt like I had just returned to the potter's field by simply reflecting on what Ms. Putre wrote. I am very glad that she has helped raise the consciousness of Clevelanders about this hidden aspect of our common life.

Father Don Dunson
St. Mary Seminary,

A good name got dragged through the feces:

This letter is in response to Jason Bracelin's article on the closing of Speak in Tongues [Soundbites, January 10]. While Bracelin's story mentioned many important points about Speak in Tongues' support of underground music, it also included very disturbing and damaging quotes of questionable accuracy from Gene Burnworth, owner of Pit Cleveland.

Speak in Tongues has never condoned underage drinking or drug usage on the premises and has never been cited or shut down for such occurrences. Accusations of open drug dealing in front of the building are absurd. Upon checking with the 2nd District, as Burnworth suggests, one will find nothing more than a handful of noise violations.

Burnworth's remarks about Speak in Tongues being nothing more than a "frickin' hole that stinks of human feces and urine" is malicious and unfounded. The building lacked consistent maintenance, but to insinuate that Speak in Tongues created an environment of squalor is simply unacceptable.

Speak in Tongues' near-eight-year record of supporting underground music is unparalleled. It is internationally recognized as an important venue. This is an especially vulnerable time for Speak in Tongues, as we are in search of a new home. It is crucial that our integrity and objectives remain clear during this transitional period. Speak in Tongues' supporters are as valuable as the artists who perform there. We would like to thank all of them for their continued support.

Brian Straw
Speak in Tongues Collective,

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