Indie Rock Band Picks Up a Hitchhiking John Waters in Ohio (Updated)

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Update: The New York Times chatted with John Waters about his hitchhiking odyssey across America, which the director said took 8 days and 15 rides. What was it all for? A book, tentatively called "Carsick." And partially to relinquish control of an over-scheduled life, giving himself to the road and the hodgepodge of friendly strangers who stopped their cars to pick him up. "Pot smokers, cops, I got everybody. And everybody was lovely," he said.

Via the NYT:

“You think maybe you’re standing by a highway for a long time, it’s a Zen-like experience,” he said. “It isn’t. It is a despairing experience to figure: No one’s ever going to stop. I’m here forever.”

Over all, Mr. Waters said he was fascinated to see what happened when he cast aside any vestiges of celebrity and threw himself to the vagaries of the road. “There’s not an airport in the world I’m not recognized in,” he said. “But who thinks it’s you on the side of the street?”

About a third of the people who picked him up, Mr. Waters said, had no idea who he was and another third were convinced by his explanations (or by a Google search) that he was a personality of some renown.

And all his other benefactors, Mr. Waters admitted, had him made right away. “My mustache got me a third of the rides,” he said. “I had it working.”

There you go, kids. If you're going to hitchhike, make sure you're sporting a bitchin' mustache. — Grzegorek


Apparently director John Waters — who made super-overweight transvestite Divine eat dog shit in one of his movies — was in Ohio today. Hitchhiking.

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