Junior Dimoras provide mini-corruption in Seven Hills

Mayor Bentkowski enjoys dressing up like Superman. His position on Tonka trucks is unknown.
The gleeful weirdoes who run Seven Hills are just as corrupt and inept as the politicians in Cleveland. But because Seven Hills has a population of roughly 48, and its politicians are paid nominal salaries, its actually kind of adorable when they do their best to emulate the Jimmy Dimoras of the world. Meet David Bentkowski, the 35-year-old mayor who until a few years ago still shacked with his parents and is known to periodically don Superman tights. Bentkowski, whose personal website mostly consists of photos of him posing with such soul-sucking celebrities as Nick Lachey, Laura Bush, and Omarosa from The Apprentice, may seem to possess the cunning of a pet store clerk. But last week, Bentkowski proved that he’s learning the fundamentals, if a bit clumsily…

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