Letters: On "Rover Arrested for Drunk and Disorderly Conduct

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I was at whiskey island. Enjoyed watching the tall ships come into the river. No one was a big enough jerk that they needed to be arrested.

—Arthur A. Bryant

It is funny that on Wednesdays show he stated how he did not want to complete the trio. [Ed. Note: Chuck Galeti and Kenny Crumpton were both arrested for DUIs in the weeks prior. Rover was referring to completing the media arrest trio.]

—Bill Vondra

His show is predictable, boring... and his only talent is shit-talking, I kinda liked his show ten years ago, but it has not really improved. He doesn't get many well-known guests, and has a very limited circle of celbs or personalities that come on the show. Opie & Anthony Rules...Stern is better than Rover too. Deiter is funnier than Rover.

—Martin Lutz

His show is brought to you by the most ill-informed idiots I've ever heard in radio. I'm actually surprised that he hasn't been arrested for stupidity alone sooner.

—Melanie Kloss

I'm delighted to hear this, frankly. Last year I published a very successful mystery novel called "Whiskey Island," all about the important people who hang out there. Now Rover — and how the hell did he get a radio show, anyway??? — has made it all come true.

—Les Roberts

Fuck these stupid ass old people talking shit. He's just having fun. I fucking hate cops that are OFF Duty and want to be a hero cuz some on is shooting of fireworks on the 4th. Old people suck dicks. Go die and quit running you mouth before you get beat up. Free Rover. Come on Duji.


Free rover!!!

—Pearl Lantz

He should be arrested, his show is still great. Anyone can understand how you can't make it in Chicago.. It's a tough market and his is geared towards Cleveland "rednecks." Nothing wrong with that. Love the show

—Matt Orosz

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