Mark Nolan Leaving WKYC

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Goodbye, sweet handsome rich prince.

It is with sadness that we pass on the news that Mark Nolan, dreamy dream Channel 3 anchor, will be leaving the station in the coming months. Forecast: 95% chance of misty eyes.

MediaBistro confirmed with Nolan that he will let his contract, which technically ends on March 14, run out. “After 18 years here at WKYC, I’m allowing my contract to run out and moving on,” his email said.

Whether that was solely his choice, or whether this is the result of contract negotiations gone sour — plenty of high-priced anchors in the Cle TV market have left their posts in the last few years after stations balked at their salary numbers — we'll probably find out soon enough. (We're guessing Ohio Media Watch will have something in the next 18 seconds or so.)

Nolan spent 18 years with WKYC, starting as a weatherman and finishing as the anchor you turn to when Channel 5 puts you to sleep, Channel 19 scares you with flashing graphics and zoom-ins on Denise Dufala's pores, and when you can't take one more second of Kenny Crumpton on Channel 8.

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