Mother's Keeper: A weird, sad family drama only gets sadder, weirder

Last week, Scene brought you the story of Joan Hall, a mentally ill mother of two who was convicted of shoplifting more than $1 million dollars in an elaborate buy-and-return scheme that crossed 28 state lines ("Mother's Keeper," Oct. 1). Daughter Lisa Hall, who’d spent her life caring for her mother, and who’s name was mixed up in her mother’s financial records, was offered leniency if she testified against Joan. Lisa refused and was indicted on eight counts of theft and conspiracy to commit fraud. She was later convicted of theft and money laundering -- with help from the testimony of her brother Brad Hall, who claimed that he had personal knowledge of Lisa’s thievery. Family friends were flummoxed as to why Brad, of all people, would turn all Benedict Arnold on his sister. He’d admitted in testimony and on paper that Lisa was the only stable support in his life. The answer might well be money. ...
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