Mouthful of Lies

Letters published August 24, 2005

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Coffinberry Beachland Ballroom Friday, August 19
Mouthful of Lies
Swifties' tactics not so swift:
Those Swift Boat crybabies can't seem to open their mouths without lies spilling out, as career John Kerry-hater Tom Wright illustrates when he claims, "No one has successfully challenged our facts . . ." [Letters, August 17]. A simple internet search using the words "Swift Boat vet lies" turns up pages of documents disputing just about everything these slimeballs ever spewed in their pathetically relentless attacks against Kerry.

Concerning Swift Boats in Cambodia, John O'Neill (another Swifty coward) admitted in 1971 that he entered Cambodia. These misguided vets blame Kerry for everything from extending the Vietnam War to ending it early, just because they weren't pelted with flowers when they came home. Every one of their arguments is specious and dismissible.

It just shows that there will always be veterans of worthless wars and battles who insist that their cause was just, because otherwise they would lose face and feel less than heroic. Small minds abound, and there will always be those who want to trust that their leaders and government would never waste their lives or send them into frivolous wars and battles in the first place, but would ensure that their cause is just.

Steve Daniels

Coulda Done Without
Think of the kids and skip the pics:
I just read your well-written article ["Now What?" August 17]. Ramona Krotine's children do not need to have a picture of their mother's lifeless body in your magazine. The article was good enough without it. Please, please think of other people before those kinds of things are published. I have no sympathy for her husband, but I have a heavy heart when I think of her children.

Jennifer Coleman
Parma Heights

Not Pretty
An escapee looks back in disgust:
Thank you for your article ["Being Played," August 10]. Unfortunately, I cannot find the words to explain my need to read something positive about my hometown. It disturbs me that, although the media in Cleveland continue to beat down bad politicians, they have the gall to endorse these same people as elections draw near.

I watched the city and the state elect and protect the same corruption they claimed to want to be rid of. I saw good people, who tried to make a difference on a neighborhood level, get pushed down by councilmen and lawmakers who were on the dole. I watched as a city that purported to endorse public art sought artists from outside the state simply because they already had recognizable names. I saw universities and educational institutions pander to corporations and egomaniacal philanthropists, only to lose their support by mismanaging funds and ignoring students, while raising tuition nearly 30 percent over a six-year period. I saw the death and relocation of a world-class ballet company, while the people who could have saved it -- and claimed to be the arbiters of taste and culture -- sat on their hands.

People whine about brain drain, but do nothing to stop it. From this distance, it is easier to see the glaring differences between the cities that succeed and those registering each year as the fattest, poorest, slowest, and least educated. If the view locally could be rearranged, a mass paradigm shift of the priorities could become the buoy that brings the great city back to fiscal and metropolitan sanity.

I and others like me are not coming back until you do.

Tony Riley
New York City

More to the Story
The printer speaks:
Great article ["Touched by an Angel," August 3]. I was the pressman who produced the posters that made these people famous. They were unusual businesspeople, to say the least. A lot of their downfall was due to bad money management. They screwed all the employees out of money -- $4,000 for me alone. I could have told you stories.

Russ Jones

Homeboy approves: Fantastic article. I'm 20 years removed from Northeast Ohio, but I still check back on your site regularly, and that's one of the best features I've read on any site.

Jim Mason
Brooklyn, New York

School Daze
ODE oversight overlooked plenty:
Chris Maag's article ["Dream Killer," July 27] raises many questions. How do you close a school down? The Ohio Department of Education apparently doesn't know. Incompetence is what keeps TIPS open. It is apparent that the ODE does not monitor charter schools with any effectiveness. It is shameful that no one from the ODE has been to this building.

TIPS has learned well to avoid any monitoring, whether it is from reporters, the state auditor's office, or the ODE. Who said yes to opening this school? How is it that this school has had significant violations and yet continues to operate? Who monitors its curriculum and grading practices?

This is not what the No Child Left Behind Act intended, and yet it created a platform for this school to develop. I'm angry about this disgusting oversight. I'm angry that both teachers and students ultimately receive the dead-end results of both TIPS and ODE's incompetence.

Hopefully this article will generate results. Perhaps sharing your story with 60 Minutes could be helpful? It certainly has both drama and plenty of government oversight to attract viewers.

Patrick Walsh
Rocky River

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