No Superheroes in Newest Movie Shooting in Cleveland, Just Half-Naked Girls

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They're shooting another movie in Cleveland, but this time there's no Captain America or that guy from Lost in sight.

The movie is called Retro and it appears to be a look at the golden days of burlesque.

Details about the movie are kinda sketchy: It's apparently subtitled "The Katerina Jones Story," but we have no idea who she is.

We're thinking maybe a black burlesque star, considering the ad copy we've seen and a casting call looking for an "African-American ‘Brickhouse’ for lead and star role."

Either way, they're interviewing people for cast and crew on April 1 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. for the shoot, which happens on June 1 through June 21.

The casting call is at Brothers Lounge, and they're advising hopefuls to dress "in period [late 1940’s, if possible, fingerwaves - no weaves!]."

The movie is being directed by Mark Gargiulo, who, as Marc Breed, is called an "American fetish photography legend" in the casting call we saw.

And it co-stars Dita von Teese, who's best known for dating Marilyn Manson and dressing like this.

Which is exactly why we know what we'll be doing on April 1. —Michael Gallucci

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