Notable Integrity Alumni

Graduates of Dwid's metalcore "prep school" include plenty of heavy hitters.

Nikka Costa Music Hall, 500 Lakeside Ave. With Lenny Kravitz. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 26; $42.50/$49.50, 216-241-5555
· Dwid Hellion, vocals

· Bill Gill, drums

· Frank Cavanaugh, bass: Filter

· Derrick Green, guitar: Sepultura

· Aaron Melnick, guitar: In Cold Blood

· Tom Brose, bass: Confront

· Tony "Chubbz" Pines, drums: One Life Crew

· Lenny Melnick, bass: In Cold Blood

· Bill McKinney, 2nd guitar

· Chris Smith, 2nd guitar: Keelhaul

· Chuck Uhler, drums

· Mark Konopka, drums: Outface

· Frank Novinec, 2nd guitar: Ringworm, Terror

· Bob Zeiger, drums: Ringworm

· Chris Dora, drums: Ringworm

· Bill Korecky, additional guitar in studio: Mars recording studio

€ Dave Felton, guitar: Mushroomhead

· Steve "Skinny" Felton, drums: Mushroomhead

· Craig Martini, bass: Alter Boys

· Jason Popson, 2nd vocals: Mushroomhead, In Cold Blood, State of Conviction

· Kevin 57, bass

· Emery, drums: Red Tops

· Brandon Abate, drums: Sidecar

· Brett Moore, guitar: Sidecar

· Ryan Zunkley, vocals, drums

· Matt Shack, guitar: Curbslappy

· Nick Brewer, guitar, programming: Pale Creation

· Matt Lucy, guitar: Pale Creation

· Blaze Tishko, guitar: In Cold Blood

· John Comprix, 2nd guitar: 13 Faces

· Matt Devries, 2nd guitar: Chimaira

· Mike Jochum, guitar: Animal Paw

· The Kid, 2nd guitar

· J.C., bass: Dead Even

· Violent Steve, bass: Ringworm

· Matt "Nick" Brewer, guitar: Dead Even

· Nate Jochum, drums: American Werewolves

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