Note to Amber Blonski

I am Jason Berger's wife. Please forward this to Amber Blonski. She and I need to have a chat [Letters, February 7]. Amber: Before you decide to attack someone personally, you need to get your facts straight ["Tomb with a View," January 10]. The leading cause of death is heart disease, then cancer. How do explain the 14-month old that we know who has cancer? Is that from smoking & eating fast food too? I would love to see you read your comments to the patients at the Taussig Cancer Center's waiting room, or better yet... the children and their desperate parents at St. Jude's. After all of the heartache we have been through- you have nerve to speak such vicious words. Do you think we should just turn our heads to all of the pollution around us? For the record, phone calls and complaints were made. Jason and his mother were both healthy until they were diagnosed with cancer. And I'm quite sure you won't find a single person to say a bad thing about Jason or his mother, or many of the undeserving sick people on Murray and Fosdick. Where, or should I ask, who, is your loyalty to? Friend of the EPA, perhaps? Nobody deserves this. I would never wish this on anyone. Not even you. Jennifer Berger
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