Ohio Has the Fourth Worst Roads in America, New Study Finds

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click to enlarge Cleveland's Terrace Road, shown here in 2017. - Colton Faull
Colton Faull
Cleveland's Terrace Road, shown here in 2017.
As anyone who's ever bumped through Cleveland can attest, the roads here are not for the faint of heart. Now, a San Francisco-based software company called lvl5 has confirmed what we've already suspected: Ohio's streets rank within the Top 5 worst in the country.

Following research on autonomous vehicle safety, the company has released a report ranking the worst and the best roads winding through the country. Pulling data from millions of miles worth of road, with help from the Payver app supplying videos of streets, the roads in Ohio were found majorly wanting in four key areas: cracked pavement, potholes, paint fading and surface flatness.

The only states worse than Ohio are Michigan, Iowa and Indiana, all places where snow, ice and salt heavily effect overall road conditions. The best spots to drive were in Florida, Hawaii and Washington (a state where salting the roads is banned in many cities).

Read the whole report right here on Medium.
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