Ohio State University Students Had No Idea There Was a Squatter Living in Their House for Over a Month

When a group of Ohio State University students repeatedly found doors and cabinets ajar in their off-campus rental home, they casually joked that the place must be haunted.

However, what they discovered one afternoon last week was far more bizarre than some unearthly presence: a total stranger had converted part of their basement into a fully furnished bedroom and had been squatting for more than a month.

The stranger's digs were discovered when the students called in maintenance workers to investigate a series of "weird noises like dings and alarms" coming from a locked door in their basement. When maintenance busted down the door the students were shocked to find a bedroom "complete with framed photographs and textbooks."

At a loss for what to do, the students left a note hoping their unknown roomie would give them a call. A man named Jeremy contacted the housemates shortly after and agreed to move his belongings out of the house.

One of the tenants said he had met a "Jeremy," allegedly an OSU student, on the property over the summer, but assumed he lived next door.

The students are placing some of the blame on their leasing company, which apparently failed to change the locks between tenants this year. The students said they have no idea how many people have keys to their place, and are just grateful the situation didn't turn dangerous.

Despite discovering the unwanted house guest, the students said they felt kinda bad for facilitating his eviction. "He was a nice enough guy,” one of the students said. “He just wasn’t supposed to be there.”

Here's the full report via OSU's student paper, The Lantern:

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