'Personhood Ohio' Wants to Ban All Abortions (Updated)


Update: The AP reports Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected the Personhood Ohio ballot language after the group collected 1,000 valid signatures. Now they'll have to collect a new batch of 1,000 John Hancocks and resubmit the language.

He said Monday the summary lists three items the amendment would not affect. He said the group Personhood Ohio should either remove the items or place them in the amendment.

Once that's done, it would need another 385,000 valid signatures to put the issue in front of Ohio voters in 2012.

For some background on the Personhood movement and its success, or lake thereof, in other states so far plus consideration from both sides of the fight in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch has a pretty comprehensive article with fun quotes like these:

“This is the most unbelievably dangerous assault on women’s health I have ever seen.”


“We can do this every year until we win. And we will."


“The Ohio Revised Code makes 15,000 references to a person. This has the potential to affect all of them."


Now that Ohio has created good jobs for everyone, conquered poverty, fixed its crumbling infrastructure, and solved the education dilemma, it’s time to sound the alarm on abortion again.

A new group called Personhood Ohio has just launched a drive to put a “personhood” amendment on the ballot. The amendment would confer full citizenship rights on every fertilized egg — outlawing not only all abortions, but also IUDs and some forms of hormonal contraception.

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