Pic of the Day: Smokeshack at Cuyahoga County Adminstration Building Torn Down

Cleveland and Cuyahoga County's continued mission to take the fun out of life and make you live that fun-less life longer continues. Here's a pic via WTAM of the famed smokeshack at the Cuyahoga County Administration Building being torn down.

County workers will now have to abscond off to less savory and more dangerous locations like sidewalks, parking lots, cars, or a bathroom to visit flavor country. County spokesman Matt Carroll tells WTAM the purpose is to "create a healthier workforce and work environment." He also said the shack was torn down to make room for volleyball/badminton courts. Um, by the looks of the size of the smokeshack, those are going to be the smallest volleyball/badminton courts ever. (If you're a smoker who works in the building and feel like venting, feel free to email us. Or meet us for a smoke. We're just around the corner and have a balcony.)

So here it is. We're mildly surprised Joe Cimperman didn't volunteer to take a sledgehammer to this thing personally.


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