Pill Slinging Granny Busted By Cops


Around certain circles of Lakewood and the west side, it looks like Frances Torres was the woman to go to for a fix in the Social Security set.

The 67-year-old woman was selling off Oxy and Adderall for $30 a pop, creating enough of a customer demand to attract the notice of police. 19ActionNews reports Torres was taken down by a Lakewood undercover sting. She now faces 16 charges.

We're of two minds on this one. Yeah, she definitely broke the law and deserves to pack it off to prison and this isn't a victimless crime. But aren't there some scary corner-controlling nine in waistband bossman Stringer Bells out there we can go after as well? One granny doesn't feel like major victory in the war on drugs.

The full video is after the jump.

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