Plain Dealer's Daily Circulation Declines 8.14%

This hits too close to home for a funny caption.
  • This hits too close to home for a funny caption.

Daily circulation of papers fell again in the most recent audits. The Plain Dealer, as you would imagine, is not exempt from the whole dying newspaper thing, dropping 8.14% to a circulation of 267,888, 18th most in the country.

Across the board, papers averaged an 8.7% drop.

Overall average paid daily circulation fell 8.7% year-over-year for the six months through March, ABC said. That's an improvement on last fall's numbers, which were down 10.6% year-over-year. Sunday was down 6.54% in this report compared to a 7.5% drop in 2009.

But at the top of the circulation charts, the big just keep getting smaller — often much smaller.

Of the top 25 dailies, only The Wall Street Journal managed to record a year-over-year gain, and at that, the 0.5% rise would in past years be described as flat.

The PD's Sunday circulation fell 7.87% to 362,394. Let us mourn those Family Circus loyalists who have passed away.

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