Post-Christmas Brew: Fans Insulted, Money Found, Bad Kids, Good Samaritans

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Good morning Cleveland! We trust your long weekend was truly festive and filled with family, good friends, and food.
Here are a few weekend highlights to help you transition from elves and eggnog to the upcoming confetti and champagne celebrations. And remember, the latter is only a shortened work week away.

We’ll start with a bummer: Not only did patient Cavs' fans suffer through last night’s loss—those who wanted to discuss the game were greeted with a finger-wagging primer on the's discussion rules that was fit for first graders.

First up in the holiday feel-good category, an elderly woman found a cloth bag in the middle of an Akron area street last week, opened it up, and found $12,000 in cold hard cash! The finder took it to police who were able to trace the owner through paperwork that was in the bag. The money was promptly returned to a couple who had planned to use it to buy a house out of state. No word on how the bag of bills landed in the middle of a road—and that’s too bad because it’s likely an interesting tale.

If you think your children, nieces and nephews, or friends’ kids behaved less than admirably this weekend, think again. It could have been worse. Some parents, for example, spent Christmas morning bailing their offspring out of jail after they turfed the neighborhood destroying everyone’s Christmas decorations.

Also in the good-will-toward-men category: Passerby near the Great Lakes Science Center yesterday afternoon didn’t hesitate to jump into 41-degree Lake Erie waters to rescue a woman who reportedly jumped into the lake-reasons unknown.

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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