Posters on my Bedroom Wall

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I was perusing Dustin Canalin's blog (he of the brain behind UNDRCRWN), admiring the redesign of the shop, when I came across this post.

Do I remember those posters? Yes, yes in fact I do. I know you do as well, because these were the gold standard of cheesy bedroom decorations in the 80s and early 90s. Specifically, you had to have the Bernie Kosar "Air Raid" joint pictured alongside these words.

Sadly, we all got to an age where the cheesiness of these posters became quite evident and painful, and posters of Bernie were replaced by posters of whomever stoked your little teenage libido or some rock star who had the means to adequately live out the life you dreamed of for your little teenage libido. And Bernie went in the trash can. Sad, because now I would love to have that poster back.


And, to answer Dustin's original question from his blog, I do remember them, and yes, they do still make cheesy ones like this. Not quite as good as the Costacos Brothers used to do with the elaborate themes and costumes, but still cheesy nonetheless. For instance, check out the Joe Thomas "Gone Fishin'" design.

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