Rob Portman Not Interested In Veep Gig (Updated)

If you say pretty please . . .
  • "If you say pretty please . . . "

Update II: Portman has been the popular guess for Mitt Romney's running mate lately (even Jon Hunstman's daughter thinks it will be Rob), but that doesn't mean anyone except political insiders has an opinion of him. In a recent poll, only 8% of respondents said Portman would make a good running mate. (That was the lowest tally of the seven options, which included New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Rep. Paul Ryan.)

79%, meanwhile, had no opinion of Portman. 9% had a bad opinion of him. 100% think he should do more chicken imitations. — Grzegorek



Update: Despite Rob Portman's continued denials of any interested in the VP job, everyone sure seems to think he's got as good a shot as any at being tabbed for the secondary spot on on Mitt's ticket.

Former Clinton-Gore chief strategist Paul Begala writes in The Daily Beast that Portman will be the pick because Romney "needs an anti-Palin: someone who will not overshadow him, someone who will not blow up in his face, and someone who will fit Romney’s play-it-safe, buttoned-up image.”

Also, it helps to have a guy who does a dynamite chicken impression. Grzegorek


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