Shocking: Ohioans Not Paying Taxes for Online Purchases

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When you dial up the internet and buy something — a refrigerator, a movie, a new phone, a tiger — you don't pay sales tax. A 1992 Supreme Court ruling says states can't regulate interstate commerce, so folks selling stuff online don't have to collect sales tax for states, which translates into cheaper purchases for consumers.

Ohio and other states want that money, however, and the Buckeye State's attempt to recoup that money comes via state income tax form — Ohioans are supposed to voluntarily declare their online purchases as a "use tax."

If you guessed no one in Ohio is actually doing that, you'd be absolutely correct. A study from researchers at the University of Cincinnati claims only 1% are doing the noble and honest thing and ponying up the extra cash, even though Ohio has no way of tracking these things, and the 99% — no, not that 99% — is costing Ohio $200 million a year. Via WTAM:

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