Shockingly, Ohio's No-Touch Stripper Rule Not Being Enforced

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19 Action News took their cameras undercover and into four Cleveland strip clubs and discovered what you probably could have guessed: Ohio's "no touch" law for strip clubs isn't enforced that often. Or at all.

Why Cleveland's venerable local TV version of the National Enquirer would pursue such an un-American story is beyond us. Many municipalities are holding off on enforcing the law until the courts decide whether it's legal or not, and the others, well, they are simply behaving as if it doesn't exist at all. And it seems the only ones with objections to the handsy performances are the family groups who initially wanted a "six-foot bubble" around strippers.

Perhaps 19 Action News pursued the story simply so investigator Scott Taylor could do a mock pole dance on a lamppost and hike his pant leg up while throwing out a cheesy line. (No, really, that happens in the video. Watch it just for that part, in fact.)

Anyway, click on over for the tawdry tale of how strippers shove men's faces into their chest to get a little more dough. Shocking stuff.

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