Summit County Deputy Shows How to Assault Inmates on Video

Deputy Jeffrey Dempsey has been suspended 10 days for this senseless assault on an inmate at a Summit County jail.

What caused Dempsey to turn violent?

A videotape of the incident shows Dempsey ordering inmate Douglas Brown, 42, to put down a portable fingerprint reader that the inmate was holding while seated at a jail booking station.

Brown, who had been arrested earlier that day in Akron for drunken disorderly conduct, responds by turning and flashing his middle finger at the deputy. According to court records, Brown has been booked into the jail nine times since 1992 for various offenses.

Dempsey then ordered Brown to ''get up'' and at the same time struck the inmate on the left side of his head. Dempsey then grabbed Brown by the neck and took him to the floor, knocking the inmate off a plastic chair.

Dempsey, 29, then tells Brown: ''Put your [expletive deleted] hands behind your back.'' As other deputies rush to the area, Brown is lifted to his feet and Dempsey orders him to ''Walk, [expletive deleted].''

''This is not conduct we approve of from our deputies and he was disciplined accordingly,'' Chief Deputy Garry Moneypenny said.

Obviously Dempsey was not familiar with the First Amendment rights of flipping the bird to police officers as was detailed eloquently in a recent Colbert Report segment.

Video below.

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