Supporting Your Coke Habit With Meat

My purse can only fit two of these? Man, I did not think this one through
  • My purse can only fit two of these? Man, I did not think this one through

In this afternoon's addition of "Things Only a Cokehead Would Do," we would like to introduce you to a 49-year-old man from Cleveland. This man, out of money and needing a way to support his coke habit, spotted a Giant Eagle. After entering the store, the man was found doing something that all typical cokeheads do: linger by the meat freezer. goes on to report that when the man was approached by a few employees, he ran for it. Police were called, eventually pulling the man's car over on Interstate 90. Seventeen packages of beef tenderloin that weighed close to 58 pounds and were valued at $1,155 were subsequently found.

Apparently stealing meat had been on this guy's mind all day long, as he stashed the stolen goods in a portable lunch cooler. He then told police he committed beef theft in order to pay for his coke habit,which might be the worst answer a person could give as to why they were stealing beef.

As intriguing as this story is, it leave us here at Scene with so many questions. Like, where was this man going with all that meat? Is there an underground market for that stuff that none of us know about? Can you move pounds of it on the corner like some kind of tenderloin drug lord? Is there a meat-for-cocaine trade-in store somewhere in Cleveland? I guess we will never know.

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